About Me

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I currently have a full time job at Gallo Winery, which I must say I am very blessed to have. I have grown so much in this company it was really one of the reasons I was encouraged to not only practice photography as a hobby, but take my passion to the next level. I was very fortunate to have people around me that were inspirational and encouraging. I know for a fact I am my biggest critic, but I started to surprise myself, that’s when I knew I could really do something more. When I was photographing as a hobby I was really into taking photos of objects and nature. I loved seeing things just how they are, in their natural state. I never really cared too much to photograph people, I’m not quite sure when the transition happened from object to humans ☺ but it happened for sure. I started getting asked to take photos for almost nothing, which was ok at the time because I was learning a lot, and I enjoyed doing what I was doing. With a lot of research and endless nights of tutorials, working hard to buy more and more equipment, I started really developing into what I am today. I can say that I am a good photographer because I enjoy what I do and I take the time to study, research and ask questions; do I make mistake? Of course I do, but it’s how I recover from them that makes me that much better. I’m never scared to try new things or get ideas from other people, I believe most times collaboration is key for stunning photos. I truly love photographing people now; I love the interactions and most of all the reactions I get from my clients. It really is such a great feeling, to give someone such a wonderful memory.
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